The Role of Swim Molds in Kids’ Ear Infections, by Dr. Frank Brettschneider

Children love to go swimming, especially in the warm months, but sometimes this fun activity can lead to ear issues. As a result, many kids suffer from chronic ear infections. Sometimes, the fluid accumulation and infection can lead to a perforated eardrum. This might require treatments such as tympanoplasty, or eardrum reconstruction, and myringotomy, or the placement of ear tubes. In fact, myringotomy is among the more commonly performed operations in children under two years old.

After a child has tubes inserted in his or her ears, swim and bath time should be accompanied by the use of swim molds or earplugs. Both pool and bath water contain germs that can lead to infection. Simply having excess water in the ear can also cause pain and tenderness in the ear canal. Earplugs prevent water from entering the ear canal. Custom-fitted swim molds allow children to remain safe and pain-free while enjoying activities in the pool.

About Frank Brettschneider, DO:
Dr. Frank Brettschneider manages his practice at Port Huron ENT, with a focus on treating conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. Patients at Port Huron ENT may consider Insta-Mold and Doc’s Plugs as earplug choices.


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