Michigan Osteopathic Association Welcomes Members to Conference


Michigan Osteopathic Association pic

Michigan Osteopathic Association
Image: domoa.org

A graduate of Michigan State University’s osteopathic medicine doctoral program, Dr. Frank Brettschneider serves as president, physician, and surgeon of Port Huron Ear, Nose, and Throat located in Port Huron, Michigan. To help him stay up-to-date, Dr. Frank Brettschneider belongs to several professional organizations, including the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA).

As one of the largest state-based osteopathic organizations, MOA represents more than 8,000 medical students and osteopathic physicians in Michigan. Established more than 115 years ago, the organization advances the science of osteopathic medicine, improves the overall treatment of human ailments, and strengthens osteopathic medicine in the state. In addition, MOA promotes effective patient care, advocates for its members, and offers informational sessions.

One of these informational sessions occurs each summer. The 2017 Summer Conference takes place from June 15 through 18 at Mission Point Resort at Mackinac Island. Those in attendance have an opportunity to garner 20 to 22 continuing medical educational (CME) credits. They can also meet with exhibitors to learn more about changes made within the industry and how products and services can help members adapt.

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